Friday, September 14, 2012

The Choice by Robert Whitlow

Wow! I was totally captivated by this story. It would be great if pregnant teens and their parents would read this book before making their “choice.” The author was so “right on” with how the process works, that when he states in the Acknowledgments that his wife is an “adoptee who found her birth mother,” his profound insight made complete sense.

Robert has divided this book into two parts, in the first Sandy is a pregnant teen and the second part we catch up with Sandy thirty three years later.

Sandy is dating Brad the high school football star and she is head cheerleader. They made a choice and now Sandy is pregnant and must now choose what to do.

1.     Keep the baby
2.     Have an abortion
3.      Give the baby up for adoption
Join Sandy and her family as they struggle through this process. Will she receive support from Brad, her parents, school friends, or will they make her decision more difficult. Will Sandy have to drop out of high school or is there another way for her to be able to finish.

Thirty three years after making the most difficult decision of her young life we catch up with Sandy. She has become a high school teacher. When one of the students comes to her about being pregnant it sends Sandy back down memory lane. Can Sandy help Maria decide what to do about this pregnancy without getting in trouble with the school? Will Sandy have to reopen her wounds of the choice she made so long ago? When things seem to get out of control and Sandy and Maria need legal advice things start to unravel. Can Sandy keep them together?

Join Sandy as she finds her way through “the Choice.”

I would love to see this book become a movie! Thank you for writing a compassionate book about such a controversial topic.

Hands down I am giving this is a five star rating.


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